As this page develops I'll be providing links to textile related websites of interest.

Kekfesto Fashion
A range of garments designed and made in Tolna, Hungary, using the Kekfesto fabrics from Tolna.

Kate and Rose
An interesting and informative site about embroidery, fabrics and many things Hungarian.

Little Hungarian Hearts
Embroidered hearts and sewing kits sourced from women's collectives in Hungary.

World Textile Day
World Textile Day is a collaborative effort of a group of us who specialise in textiles from around the world. We hold several free exhibtions per year: Wales, Scotland and the North, South, East and West of England.

The African Fabric Shop
Magie Relph's online shop featuring African fabrics, recycled beads, quilt gallery and lots more.

Jane Callender of Callishibori
Jane is a shibori artist who also designs and supplies an innovative range of products for shibori (tie dye) and indigo dyeing.

The Hungarian Patchwork Association
Official website of the Hungarian Patchwork Association, available in English.

Hungarian vintage linen and hemp, antique embroidery, indigo dyed vintage linen and artisanal products.

Learn How To Sew: Beginner's Guide
A useful guide to get new stitchers off on the right foot - from Stitch and Sew magazine.

A Guide to Removing Wine, Blood, Lipstick and other Stains
A useful guide.